Welcome to Murdernight! For the uninitiated, a Murdernight is an interactive murder mystery evening, designed to be performed by small groups before an audience of between 40 and 150 people.  In the sixteen years since this humble website was launched our scripts have been performed the length and breadth of the UK as well as in Australia, the USA and Sweden.

Murdernights are perfect for small amateur dramatic groups and for local fundraising events.

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If you can provide the venue and the cast, we can provide you with the script you need, together with detailed character sheets for your actors, menu and ticket suggestions, handouts and answer sheets. Everything you need for a profitable, fun evening’s entertainment!

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If you have purchased one of our Murdernight scripts at any time, feel free to advertise your production on our website. Contact us with your information and see forthcoming Murdernight productions on our Calendar.

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We’re back!

We are back! Sincere apologies from Murdernight for the delay. We had significant problems with our hosting provider who ended up deleting the entire website, forcing us to start from scratch.

Fingers crossed all the previous issues we experienced have been ironed out. Happy shopping!


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