We are Paul Falcone and Gary Simpson, and as you can see from our mug shots we don’t always agree about everything…

However, outwith the realms of football there is one fact we do both agree on…

Murdernights are great fun.

Paul created the first Murdernight back in 1997. He was looking for a fund-raising idea for his local drama group and struck on the idea of creating an interactive murder mystery evening.

It was a great success, repeated by Gary’s drama group some months later. Since then, together with some friends, we have written a number of murder mystery evenings. Each Murdernight has it’s own setting, be it a wedding reception, a backstage party, a fashion show… each generating its own special atmosphere.

The object of the evening is to challenge the audience to solve the murder of one of the principal characters. To do this, they must observe the clues within the text of a brief play and decipher clues from handouts distributed during the evening.

But even more importantly, they face the challenge of questioning the suspects themselves to obtain that extra vital piece of evidence. And if someone at the next table asks the right question for you but doesn’t realise it, all the better…

To aid the actors, Murdernight packs come with comprehensive character sheets.

Although the prospect of improvisation before an audience may seem initially daunting, most of our friends couldn’t wait to have another go!

Most Murdernights come with multiple endings, so that groups can perform them again and again. We can guarantee, because of the interactive nature of the evening and the differing nature of your audiences, that no two Murdernights will ever be the same!

Each has plenty of scope for comedy and drama, and we have chosen the scenarios to be as varied as possible. Each Murdernight is tried and tested by ourselves on audiences in the North-West of England before general release.

Since 1999 we have publicised Murdernights on the internet and they have been performed the length and breadth of Britain and in Europe, Australia and the USA. We have had enquiries from the USA, New Zealand, South Africa, South Korea, Norway and Germany.

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