What is a Murdernight?

A Murdernight is an interactive murder mystery evening for audiences of between 40 and 150 people. Have a look at our What is a Murdernight? page for more information.

Download our comprehensive guide on how to perform your own Murdernight murder mystery evening here:

What is a Murdernight

I’m looking for a murder mystery evening for a friend’s birthday party. Do you have any scripts suitable for 10-12 people?

Murdernights are quite specific entertainments, designed to be performed by a cast of 7-9 in front of an audience of 40-150 people. They aren’t really suitable for small groups or dinner parties, where a boxed murder mystery game may be more appropriate.

Can you come and perform for us?

Sadly, no. But we may know a group in your area who could, so you can always e-mail us.

After performing a Murdernight for ourselves, we have been asked to put on a murder mystery evening as a fund-raiser for a local group. How much should we charge?

All our Murdernights are tried out by our local drama groups in Ormskirk and Leyland before we place them on the website. We perform them for local church groups, schools and so on.

Usually these groups hold the evenings as fund raisers and so we try to pitch our “fee” at a level which will enable the group to make a comfortable profit and help raise the funds for our own drama groups! We usually charge £150 for an evening; most groups can them make at least £300 profit on their evening (taking the hire of a venue and catering into account) with an audience of say 60-70.

How much do Murdernight packs cost?

£40. This is a digital download that contains all of the scripts, handouts and character sheets necessary for your group to perform the Murdernight. This also includes the royalty fee to perform the Murdernight once.

How about if we want to do a second night, or perform the same Murdernight at a later date?

Subsequent performances attract a royalty fee of £40 each, which you can purchase online here.

Do Murdernights come with multiple endings?

Some do. For full details of the different Murdernights, visit our shop where you can find full details for each script.

What is included in the download?

The digital download for each Murdernight comes in the form of a PDF file that will require Adobe Reader to open. Inside the PDF files are all of the documents associated with the Murdernight which can be printed as required.

Each digital pack includes a single performance licence. For subsequent performances, you must purchase an additional performance licence from our shop.

Do you sell Murdernights abroad?

Yes. We have sold Murdernights to America, Sweden and Australia. All of our scripts, handouts and character sheets are available as digital download packs from our shop.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. We process payments via PayPal, which will allow you to pay using your debit or credit card even if you do not have a PayPal account.

I don’t know which Murdernight to perform!

If you can’t decide on which Murdernight to purchase and perform based on the product descriptions, try downloading a perusal copy of the script from our shop to get a better flavour of which each murder mystery evening is about.

This means you can read through each of our scripts – for free – before deciding which Murdernight digital pack to buy.

During a Murdernight, how do you decide the winning team?

By the end of the evening, teams have to decide (usually but not invariably) the identity of the murderer, how the murder was committed and the murderer’s motive. We usually take all the answer sheets and:

  • Discard all those who do not identify the correct murderer: it would be a grave miscarriage of justice if the wrong person were imprisoned… or worse,  depending on the time period!
  • Taking those sheets where the murderer is correctly identified, we look at the answers for the method and motive and choose the team who come closest to the correct answer.

What do you do if two (or more) teams get the right answer?

We recommend having a prize for the winner which can easily be divided (four bottles of wine for the winning team can easily be split between two, and so on).

What if no-one gets the answer right?

It’s happened to us, but only once! Inspector Foot of the Yard (in his inimitable fashion) told the entire audience they would never make it in the police force and handed the sheets back. Informing the audience that no-one had got it right, they all had to choose someone else!


Any other questions?

If we haven’t included the answer to your question here please feel free to contact us.