A Blow to the Head


Written by Gary Simpson

At the Old Town Grammar School, someone is about to retire… permanently!

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At the Old Town Grammar School, the headmaster, William Masterson, is about to hang up his cap and gown. Not everyone will be unhappy to see him leave: during his time at the school he has been a strict disciplinarian who has made more than his fair share of enemies. To commemorate his retirement, the school holds a retirement party where staff mix with ex-staff members and former pupils. Old rivalries and hostilities rise to the surface and blackmail rears its ugly head; and one attendee at least has a more permanent type of retirement in mind…

Dramatic Personae

  • William Masterson, 60: The retiring headmaster, a strict disciplinarian who has made a few enemies over the years…
  • Rosemary Masterson, 55: His long-suffering wife, who always knew that her husband had an eye for the ladies…
  • Joyce Williams, 46: The loyal school secretary who has long since admired the headmaster from afar…
  • Robert Stephens, 50: The deputy head who is yet again about to lose out on the headmaster’s post to an outsider…
  • Murray Evans, 19: The ex-head boy whose career has been ruined by the headmaster…
  • Janice Evans, 19: The ex-head girl, whose relationship to the head may have been more than platonic…
  • Geoffrey Anderson, 40: The sports master who makes no effort to conceal his dislike of the headmaster and his dictatorial ways…
  • Inspector Foot of the Yard, Class of ’73, bronze medal in lifesaving and first aid certificate – the detective who finds himself in the middle of a perplexing murder mystery…

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5 male, 3 female


Inspector Foot can be played by a female actor

Alternate Endings



Present day

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Nothing special

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