A Taste for Murder


Written by Linda Yearsley

At the 1970s discotheque, the Wine Tasting Society are ready to dance until they drop… dead.

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At the local wine-tasting society funds are short. But it is 1978 and disco dancing is all the rage! In a sufdden flash of inspiration, the committee decides to hire Fabian Devine, resident DJ of the Kinks Discotheque to provide an evening’s fund-raising entertainment. But amongst the platform shoes and dodgy dance steps a local cub reporter is about to discover a wine that delivers a particularly severe type of hangover which requires sleeping off… permanently.

Dramatic Personae

  • Maximillian Gainford-Brown, Property developer, wine connoisseur and chairman. What is building in his mind?
  • Jessica Gainford-Brown, the attention-seeking wife of Maximillian, but has she exposed herself too much?
  • Fabian Devine, the exuberant colourful DJ. Our detective for the evening, can he dance his way out of trouble?
  • Jonathan Richer, an ambitious lawyer. He is hoping to become the local M.P.—what’s stopping him?
  • William Green, Garden centre owner who makes his own wine. But does he have something to hide?
  • Amelia Phoebe-Wellborn, a frivolous filly with a flair for flamboyance.
  • Thomas Allman, local builder and CB-radio enthusiast. Nobody has told him he is middle aged. What if he finds out?
  • Rachael Hunter, ambitious cub reporter. Wants to launch her own celebrity gossip magazine. If only she had the scoop…

Additional information


5 male, 3 female



Alternate Endings



1978 disco

Special Costume Requirements

As much 1970s gear as you can lay your hands on – platform shoes, flared trousers and lapels, chest medallions – and that's just the audience!

Staging Requirements

Disco playing equipment and lights

Suitability for Family Audiences

Suitable for all ages


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