All Afloat!


Written by Sue Morris

If you are aboard a luxury liner in the 1920s, sailing at a leisurely pace, the past can catch up with you…

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The scene is a transatlantic liner, sailing between Liverpool and New York in the 1920s. Lord Montague ‘Monty’ Carstaires is travelling to the Big Apple with his wife Lady Caroline and Monty’s younger brother Freddie. Their young, rich, guest Penelope ‘Pest’ Petersham is ripe for the picking. But an unexpected encounter on board brings to the surface a past which many had hoped had been buried along with the dead in World War I. A tale of spurned love and cowardice. And on board ship there is nowhere to hide…

Dramatic Personae

  • Penelope ’Pest’ Petersham, the heiress to a well known ceramics firm
  • Lady Caroline Carstaires, a lady with a past…
  • Lord Montague ‘Monty’ Carstaires, a lord with a devious streak whose past hides a dastardly secret…
  • Wil, a sailor who is not all that he seems
  • Captain John ‘Jack’ Bentham, a Canadian jewellery dealer
  • Alice, Lady Caroline’s maid
  • Frederick ‘Freddie’ Carstaires, an eligible bachelor
  • Inspector Foot of the Yard, an officer of the law, who just happens to be on the cruise ship at the time

Additional information


5 male, 3 female + 1 extra (a pickpocket)


Inspector Foot can be played by a female actor. The gender of the pickpocket is immaterial.

Alternate Endings




Special Costume Requirements

Sailor's costume for Wil; Period evening dress for the others.

Staging Requirements

Nothing special

Suitability for Family Audiences

Suitable for all ages


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