An Englishman in New York


Written by Andy Hawkes

In a Chandleresque 1920s New York, Toys Day comes after Wednesday…

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Welcome to Murdernight Noir. In the seedy backstreets of downtown 1920s New York, a private investigator stubs out his cigarette and, by the light of the flickering neon signs outside is about to reach for his hat and coat when he receives an unexpected late-night visit from a most unusual – and beautiful – client. She carries an invitation to a birthday party being held in honour of her husband, Big Joe – a hoodlum who has more than his fair share of enemies. Sensuously, Bella confides to the gumshoe that she needs a man – one who can find out who is trying to kill her husband.

Dramatic Personae

  • Big Joe, The victim
  • Bella, His wife
  • Baines, The butler
  • Harry, Big Joe’s lawyer: can be played by a male or female actor
  • Larry, Bella’s brother
  • Sabine, An entertainer
  • Claudia, Larry’s wife
  • Chandler, The private eye who needs your help
  • Narrator, who looks remarkably like Chandler

Additional information


6 male, 3 female


Harry can be played by a female actor

Alternate Endings



1920s New York

Special Costume Requirements

Trenchcoats and trilbys for Chandler and the Narrator, who should be dressed as similarly as possible. Butler's costume for Baines.

Staging Requirements

Nothing special

Suitability for Family Audiences

Suitable for all ages


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