Death by Radio


Written by Paul Falcone

In World War II, a blackout during a radio broadcast hides a different kind of serial killer…

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It is 1943 and Britain is at war. Hitler is poised to invade. But nearer home, the distinguished author, producer and radio broadcaster Sydney Matthews has problems of his own. During an air-raid, the BBC is forced to relocate him, his cast and his audience to the local church hall to transmit the latest episode of his acclaimed radio serial, The Mystery of the Mummy’s Curse. But whilst maintaining a British stiff upper lip and consummate professionalism, grievances and ill-feeling within the cast combine with an unexpected blackout to give Sydney a shocking experience…

Dramatis Personae

  • Sydney Matthews, 48. Outwardly charming, yet ruthless and determined. What wouldn’t he do to further his ambitions?
  • Malcolm Gibbons, 50. Famous radio actor. Very quiet and unimposing. But what is the secret that he seems to be hiding?
  • Lisbeth Matthews, 18. Daughter of Sydney. Given a part on the show. Obviously nepotism. Will do anything to get her own way.
  • Violet Sitforth, 50. Drunken Actress. She used to be quite famous. Her career is about to get worse!
  • Rodney Foxley, 20. Bit of a ‘spiv’. From the rough end of town. But how far would he go for the love of Lisbeth?
  • Jane Crowsford, 21. Forces sweetheart. Very attractive. She was brought into the show in order to boost morale on the ‘Home Front’. But she’s angry!
  • Lord Nigel Falconhurst, 43. Journalist who for some strange reason has been given a part in the show. You suspect he’s up to no good but you’re not sure what?
  • Inspector Foot of the Yard, age indeterminate. An officer of the law who just happens to be in the studio audience and is called in to solve a heinous crime…

Additional information


5 male, 3 female + 1 extra + audience participation


Inspector Foot can be played by a female actor.
The character can also be played in uniform as Sgt Foot of the Military Police for added atmosphere.

Alternate Endings




Special Costume Requirements

Period evening dress. Ideally the extra should be in WW2 uniform. Encouraging your audience to wear wartime costume greatly enhances the atmosphere.

Staging Requirements

Some props to create sound effects

Suitability for Family Audiences

Suitable for all ages


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