Over My Dead Body


Written by Pat Baker

When you’re a penny-pinching skinflint, you need to watch every penny… or watch your back.

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Lord Earnest Grabbit is not a man without enemies. His notorious reputation as a penny-pinching skinflint, watching every halfpenny that leaves his wallet knows no bounds and affects all those around him – from Daphne, the daughter who wishes a new dress for the ball, to Cook – who has numerous bills to pay. With more than a few skeletons in the kitchen cupboards to unearth, the scene is set for an evening of intrigue, blackmail… and eventually, murder.

Dramatic Personae

  • Lord Earnest Grabbit, a tight-fisted old codger who rules the household with a fist of iron
  • Lady Grabbit, his long-suffering wife who valiantly attempts to maintain her dignity under extraordinarily difficult circumstances
  • Daphnia Grabbit, their daughter – dim, flighty. Has been on the shelf for a long time, and no wonder
  • Curt, the butler
  • Dotty, the Cook who has a secret or two hidden away in the kitchen cupboards
  • Roger Courtney, Daphnia’s fiance, who may not be all that he seems
  • Inspector Foot of the Yard, an officer of the law who is called in to investigate a heinous crime at the country manor house belonging to Lord and Lady Grabbit

Additional information


4 male, 3 female



Alternate Endings




Special Costume Requirements

Period dress; boater and flannels for Roger; smoking jacket for Lord Grabbit

Staging Requirements

Nothing special

Suitability for Family Audiences

Ages 12+


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