Return to Talbot Manor


Written by Gary Simpson

Unlock the West Wing. Mason Talbot has been released from the asylum and is coming home…

This is the second Murdernight in a series. For the first, see The Mystery of Talbot Manor.

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Deep within the misty depths of Dartmoor, the brooding edifice which is Talbot Manor is about to witness an unexpected homecoming. For 5 years after the events of The Mystery of Talbot Manor, Mason Talbot – the rightful heir to the Talbot estate, is about to be released from the asylum in order to claim his inheritance. But is Mason completely cured? Or is still capable of dreadful deeds in the middle of the night? This stand-alone murder mystery will be enjoyed by those who have seen it’s predecessor but no knowledge of The Mystery of Talbot Manor is necessary to join in the fun.

Dramatic Personae

  • Cringe, 68: The butler – is he really brain-damaged or does he know more than he admits to?
  • Frau Schmidt, early 50s: The sinister housekeeper. About to be thrown out on to the street…
  • Ruby Cookson, 45: The neurotic maid. Will her past return to haunt her?
  • Liberty Talbot, 47: The hostess of Talbot Manor is about to sell the family home and return to America, casting everyone aside…
  • Mason Talbot, 49: Locked for 5 years in the asylum, has he really been cured?
  • Dr Stringer, 50: The head of the local asylum, he has eyes on Talbot Manor for himself…
  • Truscott, 40s: An orderly from the asylum, a figure from Ruby’s past who has come to deliver Mason and remove Cringe to his tender care…
  • Dr Harriet Ffinch, 60s: Tourist and amateur detective who comes back to retrieve her brolly, just in time for murder…

Additional information


4 male, 4 female



Alternate Endings




Special Costume Requirements

Butler's costume for Cringe; a white coat for Truscott, the asylum attendant; a straitjacket if you can find one; period dress for the ladies; tweeds for Harriet Ffinch

Staging Requirements

Some sound effects and lightning flashes

Suitability for Family Audiences

Suitable for all ages


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