Taught a Lesson


Written by Gemma Simpson

At the local secondary school, petty jealousies are about to erupt in the classroom…

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At the local secondary school, Mr Peterson is not the most popular of headmasters. During his tenure at the school, he has made more than his fair share of enemies – amongst the pupils as well as the staff. When PC Foot comes to give the pupils a talk on the dangers of drugs, little does he know he is about to stumble on a crime which may make him as famous as his uncle, Inspector Foot of the Yard… Taught a Lesson is a murdernight written for a cast and audience of all ages and can be performed equally well by children, adults or a mixture of the two…

Dramatis Personae

  • Theodore Peterson: the headmaster with a secret ambition
  • Miss Green: an inexperienced young teacher who has to fend off the attentions of the amorous headmaster
  • Mr Darling: the caretaker who shares a past with the headmaster. What hold does he have over him?
  • Stephanie: a swot
  • Damien: a bully
  • Ashley: a fashion-conscious schoolgirl
  • Sam: a sport-mad schoolboy
  • P.C. Foot, cousin of Inspector Foot of the Yard – a humble community police officer who hopes he can solve the mystery and be just like his famous cousin….

Additional information


5 male, 3 female: All adults, all children, or a mixture of the two


Considerable: PC Foot and Damien the bully can be played by female actors

Alternate Endings



Present day

Special Costume Requirements

Police uniform for PC Foot; school uniform for the children

Staging Requirements

Four desks would be ideal

Suitability for Family Audiences

Suitable for all ages


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