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The Mafia Wedding


Written by Paul Falcone

At the Mafia Wedding, there is a different kind of reception committee…!

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In New York, the feuding Calada and Fresco families are about to be joined, with the wedding of Don Fresco’s son Al to Don Calada’s daughter Maria. Years of bloodshed and hostility between the two families will come to an end with the union of the two Mafia families. A new era of peace is about to begin… but only if everyone wants it. Set amidst a familiar and easily constructed atmosphere, Paul Falcone’s Murdernight combines humour and a powerful storyline.

Dramatic Personae

  • Don Fresco, 56: Brought up in the ghettos of New York after his parents emigrated from Sicily, over the years he has ruthlessly worked his way up to become one of the most dangerous men in New York
  • Don Calada, 56: Ruthless head of the Colada family who sees the forthcoming marriage as a way of consolidating his position of dominance amongst the families…
  • Pina Calada, 55: Mother of the bride, there may be more to her past than meets the eye…
  • Maria Calada, 34: The spoilt bride-to-be so desperate she would stop at nothing to get her man…
  • Al Fresco, 36: Heir presumptive to the Fresco family, the groom is not exactly the marrying kind…
  • Paulo Supina: The best man and Fresco family lawyer. A man who likes to keep his professional options open…
  • Bella Donna: Maria’s life-long friend, the bridesmaid who has an eye for the groom…
  • Father Figure: The local parish priest, the Italian cousin of Inspector Foot of the Yard…

Additional information


5 male, 3 female


Father Figure can be played by a female actor (as Mother Nature)

Alternate Endings



1930s to the present day

Special Costume Requirements

Wedding finery; and sunglasses for the men

Staging Requirements

Nothing special

Suitability for Family Audiences

Suitable for all ages


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