The Mystery of Talbot Manor


Written by Gary Simpson

If you live in a haunted house, playing with electricity can be a shocking experience…

This is the first Murdernight in a series. For the sequel, see Return to Talbot Manor.

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Deep within the misty depths of Dartmoor, a coach party is stranded during a storm and the only refuge is the dark and foreboding edifice that is Talbot Manor. What are the dark secrets contained within? What devious experiments are conducted in the basement by the unhinged owner, Marcus Talbot? And what does Cringe the butler think… if he thinks at all?

Dramatic Personae

  • Cringe, 63: The butler – is he really brain-damaged or does he know more than he admits to?
  • Frau Schmidt, late 40s: The sinister housekeeper. What dreadful experiment has she been party to in the basement?
  • Lawrence Wetherby, late 40s: The family solicitor, has arrived to read the will of Mason Talbot, the elder brother who went mysteriously missing several years ago…
  • Ruby Cookson, 40: The new maid. Is her terror genuine or is she still recovering from that unfortunate nervous breakdown which led to her committal to the local asylum?
  • Marcus Talbot, 44: The sinister scientist who owns Talbot Manor and spends each stormy night conducting experiments in his father’s laboratory…
  • Liberty Talbot, 42: His younger sister who has returned from America to claim her inheritance…
  • Thaddeus Kent, early 20s: Liberty’s American toy boy. Is there more to him that at first seems?
  • Dr Harriet Ffinch, late 50s: Tourist and amateur detective who stumbles on Talbot Manor, just in time for murder…

Additional information


4 male, 4 female


Dr Harriet Ffinch (the inspector) can be played by either a male or female actor

Alternate Endings




Special Costume Requirements

Period costume

Staging Requirements

Some sound effects and lightning flashes

Suitability for Family Audiences

Suitable for all ages


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