The Curse of the Willoughby Diamond


Written by Gary Simpson

When tackling an ancient Egyptian mystery, Mummy doesn’t always know best…

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Ever since they unearthed the famous Willoughby Diamond in the Egyptian village of Assan the Willoughby brothers – Royston and Montgomery – have been estranged. When Royston is murdered in strange circumstances, his widow Lady Constance finds herself forced to auction the precious artefact in a bid to avoid bankruptcy. When Montgomery makes an unexpected visit, it would appear that the mysterious spectre of death which has seemed to haunt the diamond through the years is not over yet…

Dramatic Personae

  • Lady Constance Willoughby, 65: Widow of the famous explorer Sir Royston Willoughby, who recently died in mysterious circumstances…
  • Daphne Willoughby, 46: Flighty, scatter-brained daughter of Lady Constance. Unable to cope psychologically with her father’s death, she faints every time his name is mentioned…
  • Colonel Montgomery Willoughby, 60: Brother of Royston, he shared many of his experiences, including his wife…
  • Alice Boardman, 15: The maid who hides more than her share of disgraceful secrets…
  • Potts, 70: The faithful gardener. His devotion to the Willoughby family is matched only by his deafness…
  • Abdul el-Jahaj, 50: The mysterious Egyptian manservant whose life was saved by Sir Royston during a fated Egyptian expedition…
  • Rupert Bonnington-Smythe, 20: The young man who wins the heart of Daphne Willoughby, but can’t find her brains…
  • Inspector Foot of the Yard, a keen enthusiast who comes to the auction of the famed Willoughby Diamond and ends up investigating not one murder, but three…

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5 male, 3 female



Alternate Endings




Special Costume Requirements

Military uniform for Monty; Egyptian clothes for manservant; Period dress for ladies

Staging Requirements

Nothing special

Suitability for Family Audiences

Suitable for all ages


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