Murdernights are interactive murder mystery evenings, designed to be performed by small groups before an audience of between 40 and 150 people.

If you are looking for a way to raise funds for your club or society and you can provide the venue and the cast, we can provide you with the script you need, together with detailed character sheets for your actors, menu and ticket suggestions, handouts and answer sheets.

Everything you need for a profitable, fun evening’s entertainment!

Order of a typical Murdernight



The audience arrive. By the end of the evening, they will have to answer 3 questions in their teams:

  • Who committed the murder?
  • How did they do it?
  • What was their motive?


Your cast perform a short, 20 minute drama.

Most Murdernight scripts are written for a cast of 8.


The murder is committed!

A police inspector – one of the cast – appears and takes charge of the scene.


The inspector leads the suspects off. The audience are given handouts that contain more clues.


Food is served! Detectives always think better on a full stomach.


The suspects are lined up and the inspector asks the audience if they would like to ask them any questions.


The inspector moves around the audience. Each table is allowed to ask a suspect a question.

The answer sheet is then completed before the identity of the murderer is announced and a confession read.


The winning table is announced!

Download our comprehensive guide on how to perform your own Murdernight murder mystery evening here:

What is a Murdernight