An evening's entertainment your audience will be dying to see.

A Fete Worse Than Death, Ormskirk 2021

About us

We're MURDERNIGHT, and we have been providing interactive murder mystery scripts to amateur dramatic societies around the world for nearly 25 years. If you can provide a cast of eight willing souls, we can provide the script, together with templates for handouts, menus, ticket and poster designs to help you stage a great social or fund-raising evening. With dozens of scripts to choose from, there's bound to be one that your audience will be dying to see! Our scripts are truly interactive, with a short drama followed by two sessions where the audience ask the actors questions in order to identify the murderer, their motive and how the dastardly deed was done! And although your cast may be apprehensive at the prospect of improvising their answers to the questions, we provide complete character sheets for each actor and the proof of the pudding is in the performing... our clients keep coming back for more! Almost 1000 performances of our scripts have taken place around the world. 


We constantly update our scripts and have decided that The Catwalk Killer needs an upgrade, so have removed this murdernight, based in the world of 1970s fashion, from our list of available murdernights temporarily. Watch this space!

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Yee-ha! Gary Simpson's Wild West Murdernight, Rootin' Tootin' Murder is now available to download for the first time!

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The final instalment in the Talbot Manor trilogy, a stand-alone murdernight in it's own right - The Legacy of Talbot Manor - is now available for the first time!

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