A Brief's Encounter
by Sue Morris

Stuart Weatherby and Gareth Annerlie have known each other for years. More than once, it seems, Stuart has managed to stay ahead of his rival... at school, at university, even in love. Tonight, however, is a joint celebration - for Gareth has been appointed Head of Chambers and Stuart has been made a judge. But amongst the guests, there are hidden secrets about to be made public and more than one score to settle.

Stuart Weatherby The victim
Brenda Bolton His housekeeper
Aloysius 'Ginny' Gynnsticke A member of Chambers
William Oldsmith Senior Chambers clerk
Gareth Annerlie, QC Prospective Head of Chambers
Anne Weatherby Stuart's wife
Jessica Raymond A member of Chambers
Inspector Foot of the Yard An officer of the law

Possible endings: 2

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A Fete Worse Than Death, Ormskirk 2021

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