A Nasty Case of Burns
by Andy Hawkes

In the highlands of Scotland, the Auchenshoogle Estate has had a traditional Burns Nightsupper every January 25th for years, under the watchful eye of ghillie Jock McPherson. But the untimely arrival of the new estate owners, Mr & Mrs Nigel Cholmondley-Beauchamp and their brusque butler, Baines causes unexpected fireworks during the evening's celebrations...


Nigel Cholmondley-Beauchamp The victim
Nigella Cholmondley-Beauchamp  His wife
Baines The butler
Jock McPherson The ghillie
Anne McAllister The housekeeper
Dougal Burns The heir apparent
Pat McPatrick The family solicitor
Inspector Foot of the Yard An officer of the law

Possible endings: 1

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