Rootin' Tootin' Murder
by Gary Simpson

The Town of Deadstone, 1851
The Gold Rush is in full swing, and at the Lazy B Saloon rumour has it that The Rinley Kid is coming to town. When Zeke, an old prospector, comes in claiming to have discovered gold in them thar hills, plots are hatched and old scores raise to the surface. Can you help Marshall Tenderfoot and his assistant, Deputy Doug, solve a despicable murder?


Wallace P Kincaid Saloon owner and victim
Doc Hathaway A cardsharp
The Bartender 
Diamond Lil
An entertainer
Deadshot Pete
A gunslinger
A Prospector
Ellie Samuels
The marshall's fiancee
Marshall Tenderfoot
An officer of the law

Jed Bartlett/The Rinley Kid

An UndertakerDeputy Doug

Possible endings: 1

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Rootin' Tootin' Murder, Wigan 2018

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