Taught a Lesson
by Gemma Simpson

At the local primary school PC Foot is about to attend to deliver a talk about drugs. But while he is there, events take a sinister turn when the headmaster is found dead in his office! Can PC Foot solve the crime and become a detective, like his famous cousin Inspectoor Foot of the Yard?
Taught a Lesson is a murdernight designed for all ages, and can be performed by or in front of children. The parts of the schoolchildren can equally be played by adults for a different type of murdernight!


Headmaster The victim
Miss Green The teacher
Mr Darling The caretaker
Stephanie A swot
Sam A sporty boy
Ashley A fashion-conscious girl
Damien A bully*
PC Foot The community constable

*The part of Damien can be played by a female, using the name Toyah

Possible endings: 2

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