The Cure of the Willoughby Diamond
by Gary Simpson

Ever since they unearthed the famous Willoughby Diamond in the village of Assan in Egypt, the two Willoughby brothers, Royston and Montgomery have been estranged. Now, after Royston dies in mysterious circumstances, Monty returns to find his sister-in-law, Lady Constance Willoughby about to auction the precious artefact. But the spectre of death which seems to haunt the diamond is not over yet...


Colonel Montgomery Willoughby The victim
Constance Willoughby His borther's widow
Daphne Willoughby Her somewhat scatterbrained daughter
Potts The gardener
Alice Boardman The young maid
Abdul el-Jahaj The Egyptian manservant
Rupert Bonnington-Smythe Daphne's suitor
Inspector Foot of the Yard An officer of the law

Possible endings: 2

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A Fete Worse Than Death, Ormskirk 2021

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