The Legacy of Talbot Manor
by Gary Simpson

Deep within the depths of Dartmoor, Mason Talbot is desparate to find a cure for the Talbot Curse. As he continues to perform his devilish experiments within his laboratory, his peace is disturbed by the arrival of a Hollywood director and starlet, keen to use Talbot Manor as a set for their latest horror movie. With time running out and storm clouds closing in, matters are complicated by the arrival of an unexpected visitor...

This sequel to The Mystery of Talbot Manor and  Return To Talbot Manor is a stand-alone murdernight, and no knowledge of its predecessor is necessary to enjoy the evening.


Mason Talbot The victim
Cringe The butler
Frau Schmidt The housekeeper
Ruby Cookson The maid
Prescott A man with a grudge
Franz Giftherrsteller Hollywood film director
Garland le Fey A rising star in HollywoodPC Constable Foot  A local officer of the law
Dr Harriet Ffinch An amateur detective

Possible endings: 1

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A Fete Worse Than Death, Ormskirk 2021

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