The Sound of Mu...rder
by Andy Hawkes

In the world of amateur dramatics, egos often run dangerously close to the surface and none more so than those of the ladies of the local musical society, who, on arrival for their weekly rehearsal for their forthcoming production of The Sound of Music, find their hall double-booked. As tempers flare, skeletons start to emerge from a number of cupboards: and for one prima donna, her moment of stardom is about to be cut short.


Julie Anders The victim
Stephanie Spielberg The director
Sarah Snoop The caretaker
Aggie Albert A member of the chorus
Eadie Ollerinshaw  A member of the chorus
Martha Superior Would-be star of the show
Andrea Williams Musical director
Inspector Foot of the Yard An officer of the law

Possible endings: 1

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A Fete Worse Than Death, Ormskirk 2021

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