A Taste for Murder
by Lynda Yearsley

At the local wine tasting society funds are short. But it's 1978 and disco is all the rage. In a flash of inspiration, the society hires Fabian Devine, resident DJ from the Kinks discotheque to provide an evening's fund-raising entertainment. But amonmgst the platform shoes and dodgy dance steps a local cub reporter is about to discover a wine that delivers the type of hangover which involves sleeping it off... permanently.


Rachael Hunter The victim
Maximilian Gainford-Brown Chairman and property dealer
Jessica Gainford-Brown His wife
Jonathan Rainer A prospective MP
William Green The garden centre owner
Amelia Phoebe-Wellborn The antique shop owner
Thomas Allman A master builderFabian Devine Resident DJ from The Kinks and amateur detective

Possible endings: 1

A Taste for Murder, Ormskirk 2018

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