Death by Radio
by Paul Falcone

It's 1943 and Britain is at war. Hitler is poised to invade. But nearer home, Sydney Matthews has problems of his own. During an air-raid, the BBC is forced to move him, his cast and his audience to the local church hall to transmit the latest episode of his acclaimed drama, The Mystery of the Mummy's Curse. But he is in for a shock...


Sydney Matthews The victim
Violet Metcalf An ageing actress
Lord Nigel Falconhurst An aristocrat
Rodney Foxley A spiv
Lisbeth Matthews Sydney's daughter
Malcolm Gibbons A luvvie
Jane Crowsford The forces sweetheart
Inspector Foot of the Yard An officer of the law

Possible endings: 1

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A Fete Worse Than Death, Ormskirk 2021

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