Return to Talbot Manor
by Gary Simpson

Deep within the depths of Dartmoor, Talbot Manor is about to witness an unexpected homecoming. For Mason Talbot, the rightful heir to the Talbot estate, is about to be released from the asylum and claim his inheritance. But is Mason completely cured? Or is he still cpable of dreadful deeds in the middle of the night?

This sequel to The Mystery of Talbot Manor is a stand-alone murdernight, and no knowledge of its predecessor is necessary to enjoy the evening.

The story of Talbot Manor is completed in The Legacy of Talbot Manor.


Liberty Talbot The victim
Cringe The butler
Frau Schmidt The housekeeper
Ruby Cookson The maid
Mason Talbot The long-lost brother
Dr Jonathan Stringer Keeper of the local asylum
Prescott One of the men in white coats
Dr Harriet Ffinch An amateur detective

Possible endings: 3

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A Fete Worse Than Death, Ormskirk 2021

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